WordPress Maintenance & Website Security

Your Website is Important!

Did you know that WordPress powers almost 100 million websites? From major brands like The New Yorker and Sony Music to small businesses, WordPress is a popular choice for website management. However, like any content management system, WordPress is vulnerable to cyber attacks. With the constant changes in digital ecosystems, including hosts, servers, plugins, and integrations, even one malware attack can break your website and cost you revenue.

To avoid such a catastrophic scenario, having a plan in place is crucial. A comprehensive plan ensures that your website remains updated, secure, and online, allowing you to serve your customers seamlessly. At PixelPoynt, we have a team of experienced WordPress developers who provide website maintenance plans customized to meet your business needs. We prioritize your website's security by performing regular updates, off-site backups, and other essential services, giving you peace of mind about your online presence.

Don't let a cyber attack leave you stranded. Choose PixelPoynt's WordPress maintenance plans and focus on growing your business.

What We Offer

Wordpress & Plugin Updates

We will perform regular updates to the WordPress core as well as any plugin that are installed to be sure your website stay secure.

Visual Checks

Upon updating your website we will visually inspect your website to be sure the updates have not impacted the layout and design.

Security Monitoring & Malware Cleanup

We’ll monitor your website around the clock with daily scans to identify any suspicious behavior and prevent attacks.

Weekly Backups

We will take regular backups of your website so that if anything ever happens we have several versions to restore to

Reduced Hourly Rate

If you ever need updates made to your website, new pages added or even new functionality. Your hourly rate will be discounted!

Uptime Monitoring

We will monitor your website so that we are alerted immediately if it goes down for any reason.

Standard Hosting

Hosting for Your Website
$ 17 Monthly
  • Website Hosting
  • No Updates
  • No security
  • No Backups

Premium Maintenance

Peace of Mind 24/7
$ 85 Monthly
  • Everything in Standard Hosting
  • Wordpress & Plugin Updates
  • Visual Checks
  • Security Monitoring
  • Weekly Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Reduced Hourly Rate

WordPress Maintenance Plan Q & A

Your backups are stored on our secure cloud storage located on another server.

We will backup your website every 24 hours.

Website updates are run a minimum of once a month. Sometimes there are updates we discover that will break the current theme. If the site breaks, we can revert it to working condition and advise you on the best steps moving forward.* We will complete WordPress core updates and plugin updates.

Website maintenance is important because it ensures optimal performance. It ensures your website speed is fast as well as secure, and looking great. Regular maintenance helps your website adapt to server, network, and WordPress core updates. If these kinds of updates go unmanaged, your site could malfunction or worse–break.

Website maintenance includes all of the tasks required to keep your website functioning at its best. It involves regularly checking your website for issues, correcting any issues, and making updates.